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At Sheet Theory, we take a methodical approach to producing the perfect cotton sheet, ensuring stringent manufacturing procedures are put in place by expert craftsmen every step of the way.
When constructing the ultimate cotton sheet, we know the following are a must:
1.  Extra-Long Staple Fibres:
Creating a stronger, finer yarn, resulting in fabric that is smooth, supple and durable. 
2.  Single Ply Yarn:
Producing the finest, strongest threads resulting in lightweight, soft, long-lasting sheets.
3.   Single Pick Construction:  
Where a one-over / one-under traditional percale weave, results in a cool and crisp sheet, tightly woven with a stylish finish.
4. True Thread Count:  
A true 375 TC, falling within the limit of a true single ply thread count maximum of 400.
5. Finishing:
Key processes applied such as singeing, scouring and mercerization to ensure strength, lustre and resistance to fade.
6. Oeko-Tek Certification:  
Ensuring our manufacturers have products tested annually for harmful substances and are produced in an environmentally friendly and socially acceptable manner.
All in the pursuit of a better night's sleep!
Rest Assured!